Feeding Therapy

At Theraplay we are pleased to be able to offer feeding therapy. Our highly experienced therapists have the goal of finding out why a child is stuck with their feeding habits and helping them move forward with their feeding skills. You may be asking, what exactly is a feeding problem? A feeding problem, sometimes referred to as dysphagia, can mean many things, but most commonly means a difficulty with the act of feeding/eating. This could include things such as your child doesn’t like to eat, is never hungry, or often refuses food or certain foods. Also, a child who can not or will not move on to textured foods because of oral motor delays, or children who regularly cough or choke during feedings. Our skilled feeding therapist focus on helping the child progress to healthy feeding habits in a positive way.

At Theraplay we are here to serve any child in need. By providing the best patient resources and guidance we will always be on you and your child’s team, working as a unit towards great results; you will find more resources related specially to feeding therapy below. While providing other extensive services including Speech & Language Therapy  and Occupational Therapy throughout Sanford we are always working in our client’s best interest. Reach out to us today with any questions about how we can help your family, or to book an evaluation. Contact us through our online contact form or through information found on our contact page.

  • Pediatric Feeding News – blog dedicated to up-to-date information about feeding and swallowing issues.
  • UNC Pediatric Feeding Team – comprehensive feeding evaluations to include medical, nutrition, motor and behavioral evaluation
  • Feeding Matters – the mission is bring pediatric feeding struggles to the forefront so infants and children are identified early and medical professionals are equipped to deliver collaborative care.
  • Pediatric Feeding Association – the mission is to provide help for babies, children and adolescents who struggle with feeding and swallowing, whether they eat orally or are tube fed via NG tubes, g-tubes and gj-tubes.

Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy plays a key role in helping children on their path to becoming functioning and flourishing individuals through emphasis on cognitive skills, motor skills, social skills and self care.

Speech & Language Therapy

Pediatric speech-language pathologists and speech therapists evaluate and treat children who have challenges with speaking, language comprehension, communication, developmental disorders or physical limitations.

Feeding Therapy

Pediatric feeding therapy allows trained therapists to apply a variety of methods to find out why a child is stuck with their eating habits and to help them move forward with feeding skills.


We are very pleased with our Speech Therapist, Miss Holly. She is so positive and kind to our daughter. We love that she explains what our daughter is working on after each session. Ms. Holly also gives our family new ideas on how we can encourage and help our daugher. We have seen improvement already. Thank you, Theraplay!

Alicia & Tony -

Sanford, NC

I absolutely love the staff and all they offer. I never feel rushed nor over looked. Every visit they make us feel like we are top priority. My 3 & 4 year old get excited as soon as we turn on Chatham Street. I couldn’t ask for a friendlier place for our 2 little ones and in just a few sessions I see an improvement. I recommend Theraplay 1000%.

Sarah -

Cameron, NC